For solar professionals who are struggling to get a steady flow of qualified leads, feel overworked, and that they should be closing more deals...
How Solar Pros Are Closing An Extra 5-10 Solar Deals A Month Virtually Over The Phone
The Solar Spartan System™
Along my journey, I've compiled ALL of the knowledge/skills gained from investing tens of thousands of dollars of my own cash in mentors, applied them to solar, and have tested the strategies with 1357+ solar reps worldwide.

This system I've created is the result of the following:
Coaching 1357+ solar reps worldwide
 Helped scale three 8-figure per year solar companies
 Creating one millionaire solar rep in less than 6 months
The Proven Tools, Strategies, Technologies & A Transformation Experience Hand-Crafted After 3 Years To Help You Truly Save The Next 20 Years Of Guess-Work & Painful Mistakes 
Here Are Just SOME Of The Results From Our Students...
"I went from making 0 sales for 3 months to 9 sales my first month in the Solar Spartan System™! This system works if you do." - Erik T.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you'r getting In The Solar Spartan System™...
the 10 million dollar solar lead gen system
The Step-By Step Process Of Generating A Consistent Flood Of Leads That Line Up Outside Your Door Ready To Buy Solar From You
  • ​How to turn a customer into a raving solar fan that brings you new deals by the truckload
  • ​How to generate hundreds of qualified leads that close 90% of the time & are begging you to sell solar to them
  • ​The exact lead generation system I used to close over $1 million in commission in less than two years
  • ​Discover how to predictably turn one customer into 5 new deals through amplifying your efforts on social media
  • ​Learn how to position yourself as the expert and get prospects to chase you versus the other way around
  • How to get your prospects to give you leads and referrals at the appointment, even if they don't go solar 
  • ​The 4-Day Follow Up Method that gets over a 90% response rate on new outbound leads
the ultimate solar door knocking training
How To Turn Doors Into Deals Using Unconventional & Unorthodox Methods That Makes Your Prospects Beg You For More Information
  • ​The 3 psychological pattern interrupts that instantly captures your prospect's attention at the door 
  • ​The lethal 60 second solar door pitch that captivates your prospect's and prevents them from slamming the door in your face
  • ​The 3 word-for-word pitch templates that have been tested on thousands of homeowners to get them to book an appointment with you
  • ​How to turn every door you knock into 3 additional leads with this one easy, implementable strategy
becoming a solar online lead generation king
How To Tap Into An Infinite Source Of Leads Through Social Media & Become The Local Solar Celebrity In Your Area
  • ​Learn exactly what to post on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to fill your inbox with hundreds of qualified homeowners asking for more information
  • ​How to utilize Facebook groups and become the established, well-known local solar authority in your city
  • The secret to finding thousands of qualified homeowners in your area on Instagram within a matter of seconds and how to get them inquiring about solar
the programming of a six-figure solar sales machine
The Proven Methodology Turning Yourself Into A Top Producing Solar Salesman On 'Roids
  • ​How to reprogram your mind to become the dream version of yourself that easily achieves your current goals
  • ​The step-by-step method to rewiring your brain in 14 days or less to help you become a solar selling demigod
  • ​Discover the system to completely eradicate all of your fears of prospecting, door knocking and selling in a matter of days that's worked for hundreds of sales reps 
Solar Spartan Power Rituals
The #1 Secret Of Solar Millioniares
  • ​Discover the 8 Power Habits of a Solar Spartan that guarantee that you'll make 6-figures a year with ease
  • The blueprint of achieving optimal physical and mental health to maximize your output as a sales rep  
  • ​The 1 simple thing that separates the multiple 6-figure Solar Spartans and solar reps that barely make $45,000 a year 
  • ​How to turn the things you don't feel like doing into daily habits you absolutely crave to do (this is the ultimate secret of becoming a solar sales machine)
the perfect solar presentation
How To Give A Killer Solar Presentation And Get Your Prospect's Selling YOU
  • ​Learn how to eliminate and prevent 85% of objections BEFORE you even go on the appointment
  • ​The ONE thing you MUST do every single presentation that will double your closing rate 
  • ​How to establish and maintain high-status throughout your entire presentation
  • How to be perceived as a trusted adviser instead of a salesman and get your prospects to open up to you 
  • How to lock down decision makers and ensure every single one is present every appointment
  • ​How to never get no-shows or cancellations ever again 
  • The exact script for the perfect, most compelling solar presentation and how to pitch it in less than 30 minutes every time
  • ​How to masterfully create urgency and scarcity so that your prospects make a decision on the spot with you
controlling the minds of your prospects
How To Control Every Single Aspect Of The Appointment & Get Your Prospect To Sell You Instead
  • Learn how to masterfully handle anything your prospects throw at you and regain control in any situation
  • How to immediately take control in an appointment as soon as you walk through the door and maintain it throughout the entire presentation
  • The 3 surefire techniques to regain control in the presentation if it is ever lost  
  • ​The 4 different frames, once learned, that will grant you power to bend and control the selling situation at your will 
  • ​Understanding the 4 different buyer types and the exact strategies of how to sell to each one specifically
  • ​The 5 foolproof psychological tactics to bond with your prospect and make it extremely difficult to say no to you
Getting a 90% Close ratio
How To Guarantee You Close Almost Every Single Appointment That You Go On
  • Learn how to overcome every possible objection a prospect can have with this one lethal strategy nobody talks about
  • ​How to perform sales Judo and utilize the weight of your prospects objection against them to get them to overcome their own objection 
  • ​Recognize patterns in your prospects so that you make every sales situation familiar and easy to handle  
  • The ONE ninja question you can ask your prospect in order to make them sell themselves on solar 
Mastering the art & science of solar Story-Selling 
How To Tell Compelling Stories That Get Your Prospects To Sign The Dotted Line Before You Even Finish Telling It
  • ​The 5 key elements to a captivating, quality narrative that will allow you to tell stories that sell 
  • How to make the price of solar completely irrelevant by getting prospects to buy based on emotion, not logic  
  • How to give prospects a memorable experience through an enthralling presentation that keeps them on the edge of their seat the entire time 
  • ​Learn the exact presentation that my team and I use to close over 90% of our appointments 
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How To Create Strategic Alliances In Real Estate, Roofing, Finance, And Pre-Wire Them To Give You Dozens Of Red Hot Referrals Ready To Hear From YOU
  • How to generate referrals immediately after every PRESENTATION you make WITHOUT waiting 3-5 months until your customer's system is installed
  • Pre-wire your prospects to want to give you multiple referrals before you even present  
  • ​How to build strong relationships with referrals before ever even saying a word to them  
  • ​Make sales friction-less and seamless by getting referrals to feel like they already know you like you've been friends for years
  • ​Discover how to systematically turn one deal into 3+ deals and fill your calendar with fire-hot referrals who already know, like and trust you before you even go on the appointment
  • ​Learn how to create a referral program that'll make prospects call every single qualified homeowner they know and refer them to you
  • ​Get access to a plethora of referral program ideas that I have personally used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions 
  • The methodology of creating a cult following/raving fan base of loyal solar customers that turn into your personal solar selling army 
Age Of automation - generating leads with paid ads
How To Generate Hundreds Of Qualified Leads A Month On Autopilot Through Facebook Ads
  • ​Step-by-step tutorial of how to set up Facebook solar ads from start to finish in less than 1 hour
  • ​The exact system we use to generate over 187 qualified solar leads per month that range from $10-$25 each 
  • ​How to write persuasive ads that turn homeowners into qualified appointments on autopilot 
  • ​How to set up an email follow up sequence and integrate it with Facebook so that your leads are continuously nurtured without you having to lift a finger
How To Become A Solar Broker, Sell Across The U.S., Control How Much You Make Per Deal & Close Sales Virtually Without Ever Stepping Foot Into A Prospect's Home
  • ​Learn how to sell solar nationwide with multiple installers and control how much you make per deal
  • ​The step-by-step breakdown of how to sell solar virtually from lead gen all the way to the close 
  • ​Our ready-to-use virtual presentation slide templates that's closed over $679,751 in commissions and a new market checklist that'll outline everything you need to begin selling across the U.S.
  • How to build an online personal brand that establishes you as the solar authority and brings in a flood of leads daily 
  • Recordings of how to give killer, irresistible solar presentations through the phone and through an online video presentation
solar resources & Tools - the arsenal of the gods
Templates, Scripts, Email Sequences, Text Messages, Voicemails & Call Recordings. Essentially Everything You Need To Succeed & Become A Solar Selling God... And More
  • Solar ​Commission Calculator - Shows you exactly how many people you need to reach out to, how many leads you need to generate, how many appointments you need and how many sales you need to make per month, week and day in order to hit your goal
  • ​6 sales video examples that we're currently using to generate red hot leads 
  • ​Best Solar Closes Ebook - Handbook of 30 possible solar objections and how to handle each one like a pro 
  • ​10 live action role plays of the 10 most common solar objections that shows you exactly how to masterfully overcome each one
  • ​4 full live role plays of the 4 different buyer types and how to handle each one
  • ​The Ultimate List Of 101 Solar Lead Gen Ideas 
  • ​Door knocking audio recordings and the word-for-word scripts 
  • ​Lead/Appointment setting scripts 
  • ​Social media post templates that turn your Facebook friends into fire-hot leads ready to buy solar from you
  • ​Written and video testimonial templates that converts even the coldest leads into deals in minutes 
  • ​Facebook ad templates, 14-day email sequence templates, and text message templates 
  • ​Weekly live Q&A's with James where you can ask anything and get personalized advice
Action Taker Bonuses: For people who "get it" and join the Solar Spartan System™ ... you'll also gain access to these EXCLUSIVE bonuses for FREE
Virtual Selling Toolbox
(Retails For $5000.00)
As a member of the Solar Spartan System™, you'll need access to a robust set of tools to help start selling solar from your phone or laptop. 

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